Luciano Szafir makes a scary revelation about Covid: “Heart has stopped beating”

This Wednesday (8/25), Luciano Szafir was one of the interviewees for the Encontro com Fátima Bernardes program. The actor talked a lot about Covid-19’s hospitalization and recovery process. “The first time I took it, I only had a slight headache and was isolated for 17 days. The second time, I was hospitalized for 32 days. I needed an oxygen tube and then I had problems with the bowel wall, cardiac arrhythmia and bleeding”, he recalls.

During his hospital stay, Szafir reveals that he was often overwhelmed by fear of what was going to happen next. “I didn’t know what it was going to be like for the next 15 minutes. I was constantly afraid at the hospital. I was either sedated or praying or thinking about my family.” Even after being released from hospital, the actor went through desperate situations, even running out of heartbeat.

“When I got home, I was still scared. It provides security, but there is the anxiety of not having hospital support. I was being monitored and one night I woke up with a bunch of doctors around me because I had a heartbeat of 180. The doctor gave me a medicine, my body got hot, my heart stopped beating and then it came back with more beats strong”, he says, about the moment of panic.

Now, a month after leaving hospital, Luciano Szafir reveals that he is doing very well, but is undergoing psychological treatments to better deal with the post-illness. Memory loss and dietary restrictions are some of the problems the actor faces in recovery. “People think that after the hospitalization it was all over, but no. We can have thrombosis months later, memory loss and many psychological problems. The virus is cursed and we will have to deal with it. It’s treacherous, leaves you physical and psychological marks. My diet is restricted, I can’t eat anything, and I often forget the names of certain words,” he says. Despite everything, Szafir found a foothold in the love and affection he receives daily at home. “Recovery is difficult, it’s slow, but being at home with family and friends is a comfort.”