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Interpreter for the countess of Barral in Nos Tempos do Imperador, Mariana Ximenes doesn’t put a cloth to the character. In Globo’s six o’clock soap opera, the noblewoman falls in love with Dom Pedro 2º (Selton Mello) and has an extramarital affair with him. “Luísa is wrong. I suffer for her, but she is her lover”, analyzes the actress.

In the serial by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão, the princesses’ governess is married to Eugenio (Thierry Trémouroux), but ends up falling in love with Teresa Cristina’s husband (Leticia Sabatella). “At the time, there was a wrong permissiveness, in my opinion, a greater condescension”, claims the artist.

“But it was love, so how can we judge? At the same time, Luísa is wrong. I suffer for her, but she is the lover. It’s so much subjectivity… Each situation has to be analyzed in isolation and every case has its particularity”, completes Mariana in an interview with the Extra newspaper.

The extramarital relationship between the monarch and the countess of Barral was only discovered in the 20th century, when letters from him to Luísa were discovered. “My father found a book in the used book of Dom Pedro 2º’s letters to her. They agreed to burn them, he did that, but she didn’t. I could see a little how the emperor wrote to her and what that feeling was like,” she says. the actress.

They lived an overwhelming love. It was a strong issue for the countess, who is very ethical and has respect for Teresa, the family and the empire. It’s very delicate and the character will live this daily conflict, there will be no way out. Pedro also suffers because his father had many mistresses and he reproached him for that.

Mariana Ximenes also highlights the importance of knowing the history of Brazil: “I only met Luísa when I read Mary del Priore’s book about her. The story is told from a single perspective and from a single point of view, but we have other people who need it be exalted”.

“The nucleus of Little Africa, for example, has very strong and important characters. In high school, we learned very little about this topic. The abolition was not only carried out by Princess Isabel. There were several other heroes who helped to reach this point. signed the Lei Áurea, but there are a lot of people behind it who fostered this movement,” she says.

The actress can also see similarities between her thoughts and the character’s. “Like me, Luísa wants a more egalitarian society with rights for everyone, without any kind of prejudice, racism, sexism. Already at that time, she fought for respect and freedom and I’m a person with that purpose too. It’s crazy to think that the countess I had these thoughts in the 1800s and until today, in 2021, we have to talk about it. But we’ll keep talking as long as we need to,” he concludes.

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