Luiza Brunet says she is still afraid of the ex who assaulted her and is open to a new love

Luiza Brunet has lectured around the country on combating violence against women. And she speaks with knowledge of the facts, after all, five years ago, the model denounced the aggressions suffered at the hands of her then boyfriend, Lírio Parisotto. In the process, she learned to control her emotions to inspire other women, but she knows that wounds like this don’t heal.

Luiza Brunet in Roraima
Luiza Brunet in Roraima Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

— I was giving a lecture on the Brazilian-Venezuela border (on the day of the interview, last Tuesday, the 24th) and I was happy to see several women, even in such a simple region, having the courage to share strong accounts. Never heals a wound from any aggression. They open and close depending on our emotional state. And I try not to forget. I went through a lot of suffering and I had the opportunity to turn it all into a positive agenda. I get emotional when I speak, but I learned over time to control even to be strong to inspire other women.

Which is not to say that Yasmin Brunet’s mother has lost her fear of her attacker.

— Aggression is a process that women go through and the aggressor will never admit it, will always feel wronged. This leaves victims vulnerable. I am and will never cease to be afraid, even more so of a man in his position, who has money and power.

Still, the activist agreed to relive the memories of that difficult period, but for a good cause. Invited by Alok, who along with MCs Hariel, Marks, Dricka, Davi, Leozinho ZS and DJ Victor, starred in the video, produced by GR6, for “180”. The title refers to the telephone number that receives reports of violence against women. More than a hit, the artists’ objective is to publicize ways to ask for help.

Luiza on stage
Luiza on stage Photo: Disclosure

— In the clip, I live an upper-middle-class woman who suffers from domestic violence. She empowers herself and makes the complaint. It’s my story. And many women too. When I went to record my scenes, the actor who plays my husband was all worried, precisely because of what I lived. But he said: ‘Don’t worry, we are acting, the feeling here is different’. Only it was punk. There was even a very clear memory of what I suffered – recalls Brunet, who appears in scenes with a black eye, made with makeup, of course.

Maturity and self-knowledge allowed her to have the strength to face all of this. And even reopening to love. Although he guarantees that no suitor has yet appeared as high as he wants.

– I’m not dating, but my heart is very open. The problem is that the niche of men I’m interested in is narrowing down. I like older people, different ones… After this experience I had, and which I thought would be my last, it wasn’t. I was wrong, zero for me (laughs). I’m looking for something that is aggregator. I have no problem being alone, I like my company, I am satisfied. But obviously it’s good to be in love and beside those who do us good.

The “180” project

The song’s verses feature real dramas. MC Hariel, for example, witnessed degrading situations at home. And he was inspired by the traumatic moment to compose impactful verses.

‘It’s an honor to be able to give voice to such a sensitive subject. And on the day of the recording, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I was six years old when my parents started “hooking up” and it was four years of many fights. I knew that when it got past 8 pm, and my dad wasn’t home, there would be trouble. The child’s head becomes “boladona”, mark.

MC Hariel
MC Hariel Photo: Wyss Brasil/Disclosure

The singer had his mother’s support when approaching the story. The fact is that making funk more reflective has already become a mark of the 23-year-old.

“My mother has always encouraged me to make constructive music that addresses real issues in society. It’s the perfect language for breaking barriers.

The artists donated part of the income from the project to Instituto Maria da Penha and Instituto Brasil + Social. Alok provided royalties for the music to actions that combat domestic violence. .

— The music brings a message of empowerment to women and of raising awareness to men to understand their role in this struggle. Anyone who doesn’t fight for the other, has already given up on himself – says the DJ.

Alok mobilized artists for the project
Alok mobilized artists for the project Photo: Disclosure