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Matt Bonell couldn't find a dentist in the health service

Matt Bonell couldn’t find a dentist in the health service

Matt Bonel, 53, had to accept a denture donation after his health service denied care because of the pandemic. According to the the sun,
object was donated by a widow who recently lost her husband.

Matt received his first dentures when he was 42 years old, after suffering a bicycle accident. Although the original part broke four years ago, the problems started when they broke 18 months ago.

“I’ve been trying to fix my upper prosthesis for 18 months, but every dentist says they’re not accepting new patients because of the coronavirus,” he said.

Matt compares the two dentures

Matt compares the two dentures

For Matt, the situation is uncomfortable. He and the donors met while he was visiting his mother in the hospital. When reporting his problem, a man who was hospitalized said that Matt could keep his dentures after he died.

“When I visited my mother in the hospital, I started talking to an old man […] He said I could pull his teeth out when he died, because he wouldn’t leave there, and his wife really gave them to me,” he said.

Matt was touched by the attitude of the woman who even in mourning remembered him and hopes to be able to reward her at some point.