Man who ran over server in Lago Sul will be arrested in Papuda

posted on 8/26/2021 11:35 AM / updated on 8/26/2021 12:18 PM

  (credit: Material given to the Mail)

(credit: Material given to the Mail)

The court converted into preventive the arrest in flagrante delicto of the man who ran over the servant Tatiana Thelecildes Fernandes Machado Matsunaga, 40 years old. The decision was given during a custody hearing held this Thursday morning (26/8). Paulo Ricardo Moraes Milhomem, 37, is responsible for attempted murder. “It is reinforced that Ricardo is primary, with a good background, has a permanent residence, a stable profession, presented himself spontaneously and is willing to collaborate in the investigation of what happened. Therefore, there are not enough subsidies to keep him imprisoned”, stressed the defense attorney, Leonardo de Carvalho.

In the decision, to which the mail had access, Judge Paula Afoncina, who presided over the session, justified that the documented evidence reveals “concrete gravity”, that is, “gravity that goes beyond the basic elements of the criminal type”. “The evidentiary chart drawn up to date indicates that the defendant would have been involved in a traffic dispute with the victim in a certain location in Lago Sul, near the Dom Orione restaurant, and would have pursued her to the street where she lives, continuing to discuss verbally with her. At one point, the defendant accelerates his vehicle and runs over the victim, who was on the sidewalk, passing the car over her.The victim, according to current information, is hospitalized in a serious condition. These circumstances indicate, in a first judgment, the special danger of the agent and provide a suitable empirical basis for the conclusion that his freedom will affect public order”, pointed out the magistrate.

Tatiana remains in the intensive care unit (ICU). This Wednesday (8/25), she underwent surgery on the ankle, the secrum (bone below the spine) and the head, but the clinical picture is still delicate. The woman was run over after a traffic fight that began around IQ 15 on Lake South and ended in tragedy, in front of the victim’s home. Lawyer Paulo Ricardo Moraes Milhomem was arrested in the act by the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF).

the case

At around 9 am, Tatiana left home to pick up her son early from school, as the child, 8 years old, was not doing well. On the way home, the woman was reportedly “locked in” by a driver driving a silver Idea. The two then started an argument. At the police station, Paulo said that the victim had cursed him and made obscene gestures. “After the fight, she went to the house and he followed her for almost 2km. In front of the residence, the two fell out again”, explained the deputy delegate of the 10th Police Station (Lago Sul), Renato Fayão.

CCTV footage recorded the exact moment when Tatiana was inside the car in front of her house. Paulo drives to the end of the street and returns. A few seconds later, startled by the noise of the arguments, the servant’s husband leaves the house to see what is happening. “When the camera is unable to film, it is the moment that it gets out of the vehicle and goes towards the Idea. Afterwards, he returns to the car to get his cell phone with the intention of filming”, said the police chief. While the woman is in the middle of the street, Paulo accelerates the car and runs over Tatiana and then runs away.

Paulo presented himself to the 10th DP shortly afterwards in the company of a lawyer. Still shaken, in testimony, the server’s husband said that he was at home when he heard a strange noise in the outside area and went out to see. He also claimed that he never threatened or insulted Paulo. At the scene of the crime, the bloodstains evidence the tragedy.


Paulo’s lawyer, Leonardo de Carvalho, stated that he will appeal the court’s decision. In an interview with mail this Wednesday (8/26), the lawyer told another version of the story. According to him, the author had just passed an exam in a hospital and, on the way home, he would have been “closed” by Tatiana. “He overtook her vehicle, but she continued to make aggressive maneuvers, honking and making obscene gestures,” he said.

After the facts, the lawyer tells that Paulo decided to make an explanation with the server. “He walked into a street and talked to her, asking her why she was acting that way and apologizing. Then he went to the end of the street and, when he came back, he was surprised by her car intentionally blocking the road”, defended Leonardo.

According to the defense, at the time that Tatiana’s husband left the house, Paulo would have “felt threatened”. “He saw her take a step to the side, so he saw a way out of there. He only ran away because her husband ran and he was scared”, says the lawyer. Leonardo believes that Paulo will respond to the process in freedom. “There was never any intention of harming the woman. He was afraid of his husband’s reaction, he didn’t know if he was armed or something”, he concluded.