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Coconut palm from The Masked Singer Brasil, Marcelinho Carioca delivered the technique used in the reality show to face his lack of musical talent. This Wednesday (25), the eliminated of the week said he focused on his charisma and the choreography used in the presentation to delight the judges of the program.

“I was taken by surprise [com o convite] because I don’t sing anything, but the direction convinced me, because it’s the performance that counts, it’s not the voice. If I don’t have such a good voice, I’ll put on the most extroverted charisma and do choreography,” explained Carioca in an interview published by Globo to the press.

The former soccer player recalled his experience in the gospel samba group Divina Inspiration, but assured: “I was born to play soccer, my gift was always in my legs”.

“There was a moment before I went on stage when I was talking to myself, like I was going to take a decisive free kick in a final so I could concentrate, get on stage and give it my all,” added the football commentator.

After the revelation of Coqueiro’s identity, Taís Araújo confessed to an old crush by the player. “There was a spectacular picture of him taped to my bedroom wall,” she pointed out. In the interview, Carioca highlighted the reception of the judges and the public with his participation in the program.

“The judges were very enthusiastic and received me very well. I played, I had fun! My cell phone did not stop yesterday (laughs). A few weeks ago, my friends were asking me if I was on the program, because they thought the voice was similar, I just spoke that I wasn’t. When I was unmasked, everyone was taken by surprise and they were happy to see me there,” said the Corinthians idol.

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