Mauro Cezar: Fla was “doctor and monster” in a new historic rout at Grêmio – 08/25/2021

Flamengo’s first half was weak, really bad, with Grêmio even surprisingly superior. It made the situation worse for the red-black team when Isla was sent off in the 45th minute of the match. But after the break everything changed, Renato gaucho Portaluppi arranged his team well and Luiz Felipe Scolari messed up his with the substitutions. Final, 4-0 with goals from players discussed by the fans, Bruno Viana, Michael, Rodinei (head!) and Vitinho (penalty).

The red-black team had absolutely different personalities at each time: “doctor and monster”. Grêmio has been recovering in the Brazilian championship, but in the confrontation with the current Flamengo they were far from being the favorite when the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil are drawn. But he showed more football and organization in the first stage in Porto Alegre. And he went to the locker rooms knowing he would play the second half with one more man.

Renato did the simple, it was necessary to change Arrascaeta and Diego, this one already with a yellow card; by Matheuzinho and Thiago Maia. The red and black came back better. Grêmio fans seemed to feel the responsibility of taking on the game with more players on the field. But Bruno Viana opened the scoring shortly after Michael made goalkeeper Chapecó work. Alison stamped the dash next. The game didn’t look like an 11 against 10 game at the time. And then…

Scolari changed the structure of the team while Renato kept the 4-4-1 with Gabigol alone in front, but always accompanied by three to four teammates when Flamengo explored the immense spaces offered by the Grêmio fans. They could expand before, they had chances, the second goal took time, but after that, two more came: 4-0 and the final whistle. If I had a few more minutes, with 10 on each side by Wanderson’s expulsion, a new 5-0 could happen.

Flamengo’s historic night and another rout in Felipão’s resume.

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