McDonald’s suspends milkshake sales in the UK; understand

Pink milk and Chocolate milk frappe on table in cafe

Pink milk and Chocolate milk frappe on table in cafe

  • Lack of truck drivers to make deliveries hinders stock supply

  • Chain restaurants will run out of bottled drinks and milkshakes temporarily

  • Units in England, Scotland and Wales were affected by shortages of supplies

Britons who want to have a McDonald’s milkshake will have to wait for the product to return to the menu. With the lack of truck drivers, the fast food chain was unable to supply the 1,2500 restaurants in the UK, needing to suspend the sale of the brand’s darling.

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“Like most retailers, we are currently facing some supply chain issues, affecting the availability of a small number of products,” McDonald’s said in a statement this week.

According to the company, bottled drinks and milkshakes are temporarily unavailable in restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales. There is no expected date for the return in the sale of items.

Due to the isolation of truck drivers during the pandemic and the difficulty in making new hires at a time of health crisis, road transport companies are finding problems in supplying large companies’ stocks.