Mel Lisboa reminds Anita: ‘It instigated sexuality’

Mel Lisboa in the current phase and, on the right, as the protagonist of 'Presença de Anita' (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram and TV Globo)Mel Lisboa in the current phase and, on the right, as the protagonist of ‘Presença de Anita’ (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram and TV Globo)

Honey Lisbon, who has nearly 20 years of career and became known nationally for starring in “Presença de Anita”, a 2001 Globo series, opined on the fact that female followers offend other women on social networks.

— You start to hear these voices that you couldn’t hear before. For every step forward there will be someone pulling you back. Every progressive movement affects the status quo a lot, it affects the operating system a lot. Then, inevitably, there will be that movement that pulls you back. Says “No, no, no, no. Come here”. This is part of the human being, of society, throughout history. It has always been like that. And I think it will be like that. What I think is important is that if these concepts continue to be discussed, they start to be questioned, one thinks: “Does it exist? Is it possible? Or is it a utopia?” But then I don’t know what you said nonsense (probably refers to the social network). We are not born built. We are in constant motion. We are under construction and deconstruction at the same time. I’m a feminist in the making because, inevitably, at some point, I’m going to run into some thought, something of mine and say, “Oops!” But then I detect it: “Look at the structural machismo operating in my head” – she said, in the Open Door podcast.


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The actress says she believes the reasoning that women who behave more forcefully are unloved is sexist. She also points out that she believes it is important to have contact with people from different cultures and education so that there is evolution:

“I’m literally in my bubble. So, it often becomes something from an intellectual point of view (…) We don’t experience it, don’t go, don’t know.

Mel recalled how the reactions of spectators and spectators of “Presença de Anita”, by Manoel Carlos, reached her:

— She (the character Anita) inspired women, instigated people’s sexuality. I see reports, for example, of people with different sexualities. Gay men who said, “I watched Anita and gave me a deal.” There was not so much the issue of sexuality per se, but the character that awakens the sexuality of others (…) She was fascinating because she dealt with many taboos in a natural way.

Mel Lisboa and other actresses dodge the algorithm for the freedom to show their bodies: