Midnight Suns is the title of ‘Marvel’s XCOM’

Midnight Suns is the title of the turn-based tactical RPG with characters from Marvel. The project leader is Jake Solomon, designer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2.

The game will have Iron Man, captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Blade, Nico Minoru, magik, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) and Wolverine as playable characters. In all, there will be 13 characters from different Marvel comics.

Doctor Strange in Midnight Suns.

Unveiled this Wednesday (25), during Gamescom 2021, by 2K Games, Midnight Suns will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in March 2022.

As published by Polygon, who interviewed Jake Solomon, the arc Rise of the Midnight Sons began in 1992, in the comic book, as a series of Ghost Rider. In the story, a group of anti-heroes, including Doctor Strange, Morbius, Frank Dale, Jonny Blaze and Blade, must stop Lilith, mother of demons, from taking over the world.

Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns.

While this is one of Solomon’s favorite arcs, the game wasn’t his idea. According to him, it was Marvel who approached the company after the release of XCOM 2. And, oddly enough, the new game doesn’t share any mechanics with XCOM.

Players will control an all-new character called The Hunter (or Huntress), who will be customizable in both appearance and abilities. In all, there will be at least 40 super powers available to players, ranging from the more familiar ones like Iron Man and Captain America to slightly less obvious ones like Ghost Rider and Blade.

Ghost Rider in Midnight Suns.

When players are not on missions, they can interact with other superheroes to bond with them. As you might already imagine, the game will not include permanent death, another notable difference from XCOM.