Modernization of public lighting makes Aracaju a national reference – Infonet – What’s in the news in Sergipe

August 10, 2021 will be marked in Aracaju’s history as the date on which the first LED lamps were lit on Avenida Poço do Mero, in the Bugio neighborhood, North Zone, the starting point for the second stage of the process of modernization of the lighting park capital of the capital.

Changing light bulbs is one of the main actions of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for Public Lighting in Aracaju. From now on, the Conecta Aracaju consortium will have 18 months to replace the more than 59,000 lighting fixtures in the city, providing greater efficiency and ensuring 61% savings in public lighting expenses.

“This project represents an investment of more than R$ 80 million that, alone, the City Hall would not be able to carry out. Thus, the Municipality sought the Public-Private Partnership and through the consortium will replace all the lamps in the city’s public lighting park. This change will bring more security, better quality of life to Aracajuans, and will allow the capital to advance in tourism, given that 16 tourist spots will receive special lighting”, says the secretary of Infrastructure and president of the Municipal Company of Works and Urbanization (Emurb), Sergio Ferrari.

After the completion of the replacement of the light bulbs in the neighborhoods of the North Zone, the second stage will begin, scheduled for January 2022, when the modernization will reach the 17 de Março, Santa Maria and the former Expansion Zone neighborhoods. The third and final phase will include the replacement of lighting fixtures in the Center, in other neighborhoods and the implementation of special lighting in tourist spots, starting at the historic landmark of Aracaju: the Santo Antônio Church.

When the process of replacing the lamps is completed, Aracaju will be the first capital in Brazil to change 100% of public lighting to LED. Because of this pioneering spirit, managers from Ponta Grossa, Paraná, and from the Sergipe municipality of Estância were received by the Aracaju City Hall this week, in order to learn more about the project to modernize public lighting.

Popular participation

In addition to replacing conventional light bulbs with LED, the Public Lighting PPP will guarantee the modernization of the entire public lighting park in Aracaju, including management and maintenance processes for the next 13 years, the contract period.

The first phase of the PPP was the implementation of a complete communication system between the administration of the capital and the population, with the creation of exclusive channels to request repairs and notify problems related to public lighting.

Since the month of June, the Conecta Aracaju application has been running (; the Conecta Aracaju Cidade Iluminada portal (; telephone service through 0800 002 1743, available 24 hours a day, every day of the week; in addition to face-to-face service at a fixed point located at Conecta’s headquarters, at Avenida Augusto Franco, 2500, Ponto Novo neighborhood.

“The objective, with these channels, is to encourage popular participation in solving problems related to public lighting. When there is a burned-out light bulb in the street, citizens can download the application, access the website, or call the 0800 number and inform them about the need for maintenance, and the team will go to the place to make the repair”, explains Ferrari.