Monica Iozzi reports suffocation in blitz with lost CNH | TV & Soap Operas

Monica Iozzi

Monica Iozzi

After revealing that she intends to become a mother, 39-year-old Monica Iozzi recently recalled a trouble she had on Christmas Eve involving an unsuccessful driver’s license, unconventional costumes and even running away from cows. “It was 2011, I was tired, because at the time I was working at ‘CQC’ and I decided that I would go to my family’s house, in Ribeirão Preto, only on the 24th. At 5 pm I left home and when I arrived in a city called Nova Odessa, I saw that there was a blitz going on. As soon as I looked at the guard, he already recognized me and asked me to stop,” she began.

“In this one, he said he was my fan, that he admired my work and such. Then he said: ‘Give me your document.’ by my social security number. But when he came back he said: ‘Monica… your wallet has expired for over a year.’ help, he asked for the car’s document. And where did I think? He went again and checked the license plate. When he came back, he said: ‘You didn’t pay the license for the car,'” continued the actress, laughing, in participation in the “What Story Is This Porchat”.

Monica then said that the guard had to seize her vehicle. “This made me very sad because I had three hours to get to supper. I called my boyfriend at the time, he promised to pick me up. But until he arrived in Nova Odessa, I spent hours there at the tollbooth. besides the wait, I was wearing an outfit that wasn’t very appropriate. I was wearing an old T-shirt, my boyfriend’s boxer shorts and I was wearing flip-flops, I was very wrong. If I was drunk my career was over there “she added.

“During this wait I started to get worried, there was a ravine nearby, so I climbed it, sat down and started looking at a pasture behind. In that, I saw several giant white stones and I started to hear noises, suddenly these stones started to come towards me and I noticed they were cows. I was terrified because there was no fence or anything and I ran. Then the slipper popped and I rolled down the bank. Pitying me, the convenience man called me to an employees’ supper that they were organizing… and I spent Christmas with them,” she finished.