Mother finds baby who spent 4 days lost in the forest in Russia

Antonina Kuzina and her daughter, Lyuda Kuzina

Credit, Sledcom Smolensk

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Antonina Kuzina found her daughter, Lyuda Kuzina, after four days of searching

A girl of just one year and ten months old, who was missing, was found alive after being lost for four days and alone in a forest in Russia.

Lyuda Kuzina was lost near her home in the Smolensk region, west of Moscow, leading to a search involving hundreds of people.

She had no food or water and was eventually found covered in insect bites but still alive after one of the search parties heard her moan.

“She promised never to run away from Mommy again,” Antonina Kuzina, the girl’s mother, told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.