Mother of Agnaldo Timóteo’s adopted daughter had the house burned down

The troubled story involving the family of Agnaldo Timóteo gained a new chapter. According to one of the singer’s nephews, Keyty’s mother, adopted daughter of Timoteo, is the master of the fire in the house that is part of the singer’s assets. According to “Timotinho”, it is not the first time that the woman is up to something, but that they are not being able to stop her.

“It’s already the second [vez]. We are together with colleagues and authorities for us to reverse this. we already know who she is, I’m also taking my steps, but unfortunately we can’t stop her. The house is in a condominium, but it is open and everyone has free access to the residence. We have to see a way to stop Keyty’s mom.”

The revelation was made by “Timotinho”, this Wednesday afternoon (25), through an audio message sent to the program “A Tarde é Sua”. Agnaldo’s nephew said that something worse could happen in the future: “She [mãe da irmã adotiva], is making this mess, but a mess that will soon come something much bigger, even the burning of furniture or something like that”.

The boy explained that security in the condominium is scarce, not even having security cameras in the region, which also makes investigations difficult: “The nearby houses do not have a camera around them, they only have a surveillance cabin. The only security you have in the vicinity is the battalion that passes by. In short: safety zero”.

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Timotinho revealed that the whole family is already certain about the author of the second attack. What was once a stone throw has turned into a fire, but everyone is worried that this whole story could trigger a far greater disaster.

According to information by journalist Bruno Tálamo, while participating in Sonia Abrão’s program, Keyty’s mother and Rutinete Timóteo, the singer’s sister, would have made an agreement to divide part of the inheritance, leaving the girl out. “The mother tripping her own daughter”, guaranteed the journalist, saying that this is concrete information, not guesswork.

Agnaldo Timóteo died at the age of 84, on April 3, victim of the new coronavirus. The singer was hospitalized at the Hospital Casa São Bernardo, located in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The artist could not resist the complications resulting from the Civid-19.

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