Mouse’s former stage assistant sells adult content on the web

Valentina Francavilla, former stage assistant for Ratinho, is quoted to participate in the new season of The farm (Record). According to Léo Dias, columnist for Metrópoles, the Italian left Silvio Santos’ station to try to be a millionaire in the rural reality that confines celebrities and show her personality to the audience on the sofa.

In an interview with NaTelinha, Valentina Francavilla spoke with Marcela Ribeiro, talking about the adult content platform OnlyFans. The profile of the beauty and ex-SBT is full of hot publications and already has several subscribers: “I got out on Playboy already and my photos are naked on Google. So I said: ‘Why not make OnlyFans to make money with it?’ I love it, I’m super in favor and it gives me a very good return, I’m zero shame”.

Francavilla also said that her father knows that she produces intimate content and how she handles criticism: “Some people say: ‘Wow, your son will be ashamed’. My son will say: ‘My mother is hot, my mother is hot’. My father says: ‘And then how is the put*ria?’. Because when we know we’re not a put*, it doesn’t offend”.

During the chat, Valentina Francavilla, former assistant of little mouse she confessed that there are internet users who confuse her with another type of professional, questioning whether the celebrity works as an escort: “People confuse a lot. There are people who ask: ‘How much is the program?’ Program is oc*!”.

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The plan to watch videos and photos of Valentina costs around R$47 per month. The first month of monthly subscription gets 50% off. Even with speculations that the famous woman has already resigned from the program to be part of A Fazenda 13, Francavilla denied it during the interview.

Being confirmed in A Fazenda 13 by several columnists, Valentina Francavilla denies that she left the radio station owned by the trunk: “There is no such thing. I have been an employee of SBT (CLT) since I joined. It’s a lie. I’ve been happy for 12 years, I couldn’t even believe that I would stay that long, I thought it wouldn’t last a month”.

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