Nanny jumps from the 3rd floor of the building and says she was arrested by her boss in Bahia

Nanny jumps from the 3rd floor of the building and says she was arrested by her boss in Bahia

Hospital informed that nanny is not at risk of death (Photo: Publicity)

A 25-year-old woman jumped from the third floor of a building in Salvador, Bahia, and survived with injuries. She worked as a nanny in the apartment and said she had been arrested by her mistress. The Police said that she will be investigated on suspicion of assaulting a child. The information was disclosed by the UOL portal.

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After the fall, this Wednesday (25), the nanny went to the HGE (General Hospital of the State). She is suspected of having broken her legs and bruises on her body, but she is not at risk of death.

The circumstances of the mess are still controversial. According to the PM (Military Police), the boss said that the nanny had attacked one of the three children who live in the apartment. The suspicion will be investigated by Derca (Specialized Police Office for the Repression of Crime against Children and Adolescents).

The nanny alleges that she had been arrested since Saturday (21st), according to the PM. She says she would have resigned, but her mistress would not have accepted and went for physical aggression.

“The patient claimed to have been assaulted and confined to one room in the house, in addition to having her cell phone retained by her employer. Faced with her deprivation of liberty, she claimed that she threw herself from the third floor,” reported the Civil Police.

Another information revealed is that the nanny was from Itanagra (BA) and had been working in the apartment for just over a week. Her and mistress’s names were not released.

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