Nanny who jumped out of her apartment reports threats from her mistress: ‘you’re not leaving’

Nanny Raiane Ribeiro, 25, risked her life to escape work, where she claims she was being held in private prison. Raiane spoke with the Correio this Wednesday night (25) and reported the traumatic moments he experienced in recent days.

Raiane is from the municipality of Itanagra, 120 km from Salvador. After seeing a job ad on the OLX website, he decided to apply. After contacting the advertiser, called Melina, the nanny exchanged information and after a few video calls she was hired to work.

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“After I saw the ad, I got in touch, and the agreement was to work full time and take a break every 15 days,” said Raiane.

However, after starting work, Raiane says that she received a new job offer and that after informing her boss, she was threatened. “When I asked to leave work, she replied, ‘I want to see if you leave. I’m not a slut. You’re not leaving,'” said the woman.

After the fall, Raiane had stitches on her forehead and fractured her heel (photo: Personal archive)

According to Raiane this threat would have occurred on Tuesday (24). The nanny would have asked her sister for help over the phone. Raiane’s sister then got in touch with an aunt who lives in Salvador. After the contact, a man would have gone to the building where Raiane works, but after making contact over the intercom, the boss said that Raiane was not there.

This Wednesday (25), a person returned to the building at the request of Raiane’s aunt to look for the young woman, according to her, this time, the boss pulled the intercom wiring to avoid contact. With no outside contact, Raiane says she was locked in the bathroom. Desperate, she tried to escape through the tipper.

“She locked me in the bathroom, then I saw the tipper and decided to run away to reach the window of the apartment next door and ask for help, but then I couldn’t and I got hung up. Then I fell,” she says.

She fell into an apartment located on the first floor and was rescued by an ambulance from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) to the State General Hospital. Raiane fractured her heel, and got stitches on her forehead. In addition to having some bruises on her body.

Raiane also denied the possibility of having assaulted one of the three children he was taking care of. The version was reported by a neighbor. According to the woman, the nanny was caught being aggressive with one of the children and, when she was caught, she hid in one of the rooms and ended up throwing herself to escape her.

The young woman denies any kind of aggression and says that in recent days she has been prevented from eating. “It’s a lie. How was I going to hit the kids? Why? I spent days without eating, without drinking water. She told me to call my mother and say that everything was fine. My mother asked if I wanted to go home, me I said yes. She made fun of my mother, my aunt. Then she said that she was going to take me to the bus station today. Then when she arrived today, she attacked me again.”

Raiane filed a complaint at the Boca do Rio Police Station and already has a lawyer in the case. She has help from her aunt who lives in Salvador, but says she intends to return to her hometown because she is unable to look for a new job right now.

“I’m not able to walk right now. I’m going to go back to Itanagra and go through some of this trauma, because what I went through was traumatizing.”