Netflix launches in September have La Casa de Papel and Lucifer; see list · TV news

Netflix announced this Wednesday (25) its main releases for the month of September. The highlights are the long-awaited fifth year of the series La Casa de Papel and the last season of Lucifer, starring Tom Ellis.

The platform’s catalog will also feature the third seasons of Sex Education and The Circle – USA reality, as well as the fourth volume of Cara Gente Brancas, directed and written by Justin Simien.

Among the featured films are the national production Confessions of an Excluded Girl, How Much is It Worth?, based on true events, and Stretching the Party, a film starring Victoria Justice.

See the list of top Netflix debuts in September:


  • Force-Queer (Day 2): To prove their values ​​to the agency that underestimated them, a gay spy and his LGBTQIA+ team will do everything in this animation.

  • La Casa de Papel – Fifth Part – First Volume (Day 3): For more than 100 hours at the Bank of Spain, the group of robbers is going through a delicate moment. In addition to the Professor (Álvaro Morte) being in danger, the army is on its way.

  • Lucifer – Season Six (day 10): The protagonist (Tom Ellis) has been promoted, while Chloe (Lauren German) is about to quit. But Amenadiel (DB Woodside) joins the Los Angeles PD, and it looks like more is coming.

  • Sex Education – Season Three (17th): The school’s new management needs to rein in the restless youth after ”sex therapy” gained fame. In this new season, Otis (Asa Butterfield) tries to hide a secret.

  • Cara Gente Branca – Fourth Volume (Day 22): In the not-too-distant future, Sam and Lionel reminisce about their epic last year in Winchester.


  • Stretching the Party (Day 2): Cassie’s (Victoria Justice) life is one big party, until she dies. The young woman is given a second chance when she has the chance to return to Earth and fix her mistakes.

  • How much? (day 3): Based on true events, the film starring Michael Keaton shows a lawyer in a battle to create a compensation fund for lives lost in the September 11 attacks.
  • Confessions of an Excluded Girl (Day 22): In the plot, which is based on the homonymous work by Thalita Rebouças, Tetê (Klara Castanho) does not feel accepted at school or at home. After changing schools, the protagonist tries not to suffer bullying and make friends.
  • Nobody Leaves Alive (Day 29): The film tells the story of an immigrant in search of a dream. The production also shows a haunted place, in a world where ancient legends can come to life.