New batch of Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19 arrives in Brazil

A new batch with 1,076,400 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19 arrived this Tuesday (24th) at the Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas (SP). This is the 53rd batch delivered to the country by the pharmacist.

Pfizer estimates to deliver to the Ministry of Health, between the 24th and 29th of August, over 5,377,320 doses of the vaccine. In all, there will be five flights departing from Miami Airport, in the United States, to Viracopos International Airport.

Added to the previous batches, 53,325,090 doses will have been delivered to Brazil by the 29th of August, according to the company’s forecast.

UFRJ’s Covid-19 vaccine produces “intense” antibodies in animals

A report with more than 150 pages submitted to the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) points out that the vaccine developed by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), called UFRJVac, promotes the production of antibodies against Covid-19 considered “intense ” in animals.

“Until October, we will complement it with more pre-clinical data (animal tests) and we will discuss other results. When it is complete, Anvisa can make the decision. We hope to carry out tests on humans in November”, informed chemical engineer Leda Castilho, who coordinates the vaccine research and who also coordinates the Cell Culture Engineering Laboratory (Lecc) of the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering ( Coppe/UFRJ).