New game trailer is released

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the game The Outlast Trials received a new trailer during the Opening Night Live gives Gamescom. With the trailer came some gameplay footage of the survival horror game made by Red Barrels.

In the title, you will need to survive the sadistic and bizarre experiences of the Murkoff Corporation. It will be possible to play alone or in an online multiplayer, with up to 4 players.

Check out the new trailer below:

The plot takes place during the Cold War, where experiments are carried out on people against their will. These tests involve methods of mind control and brainwashing. In a world full of violence and mistrust, the player will have to deal with challenges to their morale, tests of their stamina and attacks on their sanity, all in the name of science, progress and profit.

In this new horror game from Red Barrels, the player is invited to work with other people to have more chances of survival in this hostile universe. The project also promises the presence of iconic characters that will be tormenting the player.

Image of the new Outlast.

Although it doesn’t have an exact release date, The Outlast Trials is scheduled to premiere sometime 2022.

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