New Latam flights make trips from Maranhão to Piauí and Ceará up to 6 times faster

LATAM has just announced two new direct flights to São Luís. The São Luís-Teresina and São Luís-Fortaleza routes are part of the movement to resume the airline’s air network in the country and seek to better serve travelers from or to Maranhão and to the nearest capitals and municipalities.

With these important increases in the São Luís air network, travel between capitals will be optimized. From Maranhão to Piauí, the new route will be 6 times faster. What used to require at least 5h30 of travel with connection in Brasilia, will become 1 hour of direct flight. And, to get to Ceará, the new flight will make the route 5 times faster, in a 1h15 flight, without the need for a journey of at least 6:30h with a connection in the Federal District.

“It is our commitment to remain alert to all opportunities for the resumption of the air network as the process of vaccination against Covid-19 advances. Therefore, from November 2nd, the direct flight Teresina – São Luís will benefit a number of municipalities close to Teresina – such as Caxias and Codó, in the Cocais region”, highlights Diogo Elias, Sales and Marketing Director at LATAM Brasil.

The São Luís-Teresina flight will be operated twice a week with Airbus A320 aircraft that accommodate 162 passengers in Economy class and 8 in Premium Economy. Airline tickets will start being sold in the coming days from R$148.96 (price per way with taxes included) or 3,500 LATAM Pass points (per way) plus taxes of R$36.06.

The São Luís-Fortaleza flight will be operated daily with Airbus A320 aircraft (accommodating 162 passengers in Economy class and 8 in Premium Economy) or Airbus A321 aircraft (accommodating 220 passengers in Economy class). Airline tickets to this destination are now on sale from R$262.91 (price per way with taxes included) or 7,200 LATAM Pass points (per way) plus tax of R$36.06.

LATAM says it remains confident in the advancement of the airline industry as the Covid-19 vaccination process in Brazil advances and people resume their travel plans.

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