New Multilaser robot vacuum is 3 in 1 and recharges on its own; see price | Electronics

Multilaser announced the new 3-in-1 Hydra robot in Brazil. The device promises to sweep, vacuum and wipe and should offer up to 1:30 am of autonomy, according to the national manufacturer. In addition, the robot promises to return itself to the recharge base when necessary and has a Hepa filter to filter out impurities such as mites and viruses.

The product is now available to buy at local retail for the suggested price of R$ 1,099 and can be an interesting alternative to rivals from brands such as Midea and Mondial, as well as more expensive and complete options from Samsung and Eufy.

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Multilaser Hydra is the brand’s new 3-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner in Brazil — Photo: Divulgação/Multilaser

The Hydra’s 3-in-1 operation allows sweeping and vacuuming, as well as wiping. Other models on the market, considered 2 in 1, also usually bring brushes, which, in practice, throw the dirt close to where the suction takes place.

The mop, which comes in two units in the box, is gradually wetted by the water located in the 110 ml reservoir, and, according to Multilaser, it must always be moist and does not need user interference during cleaning. The manufacturer guarantees a good operation on different types of floors, including tiled floors, wood and even rugs.

Underside of Multilaser Hydra with brushes and mop — Photo: Disclosure/Multilaser

The device also has an anti-fall sensor, which prevents falls on stairs or unevenness, as well as 300 ml of capacity to store dirt. Its weight is 2.71 kg and, in the electrical part, the robot has a power of 45 Watts and should reach 100% of the battery in 4 or 5 hours. The Multilaser Hydra is only available in black with blue and its body is made of a composition between metal and plastic.

The manufacturer has other models on the market, such as the HO041, which costs R$ 579.90 on the official website and R$ 395 on Amazon, in addition to the Orion, at R$ 899.90 at the Multilaser store and R$ 764 at retail . The differences are due to the more intelligent sensors of the more expensive option, which does not have a wiper function, while the entry-level model comes with a mop, but does not have a water tank.