New Saints Row Release Date Revealed at Gamescom 2021 | Action games

Saints Row will win a new game scheduled for release on February 25, 2022, as announced at Gamescom 2021. In addition to gameplay details and character stories, developer Volition has also announced information about Santo Ileso, the city where the game is set, and some weapon and vehicle options present. Promised to be a competitor of the future GTA 6, the game arrives with download available for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series S/Series X and PC (Epic Games Store).

In addition to the new information, the company revealed that the game was inspired by movies like John Wick and Baby Driver. O TechAll participated in the event to announce the reboot of Saints Row and tells, below, the main information disclosed.

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Saints Row is a game that promises to be a rival to GTA 6 and is scheduled for release on February 25, 2022 — Photo: Press Release/Volition

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The Saint Row reboot will feature four main characters trying to form a crime empire known as The Saints. They decide to enter the dangerous life after accumulating financial problems, such as student debt and other debt with large amounts. What in the beginning was a way to earn extra money ends up becoming the group’s life objective, which dreams of dominating the region.

Among the four characters is The Boss. He gets this name because he doesn’t have a defined identity, since it’s the player who decides how the leader of the gang will be. It is possible to customize his voice, clothing and all the features related to his appearance. Another member is Eli, known for being responsible for setting up the gang’s invasion and expansion strategies. He arrived in Santo Ileso, where the game is set, to build his own business and ended up getting involved in crime.

Neenah, on the other hand, is passionate about cars and art and, therefore, is responsible for the gang’s escape from crime scenes. His level of knowledge is vast, having a background in Art and Anthropology. She arrived in town with the goal of getting a job at a museum and failed. He ended up joining Los Panteros, one of the gangs present in the game, but left and decided to join The Saints.

Finally, we have Kevin, a DJ who loves his friends and is great at dealing with people. Having an entire childhood in a foster home, he looks for a place where he feels wanted and loved.

In Saints Row, the player takes on the role of The Boss and has the help of three other characters — Photo: Publicity/Volition

The entire story of the game takes place in Santo Ileso, a region inspired by the southwest of the United States. In the gameplay presented during the conference that the TechAll participated, players will have access to a diverse city, which mixes modern and rustic elements. The place is divided into nine districts, which will feature unique characteristics such as the style of clothing of the inhabitants and their own themes.

Three examples of districts caught the event’s attention: Rancho Providencia, El Dorado and Monte Vista. While the first is characterized by an aged look, the second is something more modern and bright. The third is a luxurious place, filled with mansions and home to the city’s most powerful residents.

Other places featured are the financial district, where the money moves, and the Rodeo district, known for upscale restaurants. Developer Volition also announced that scenarios should have some easter eggs made especially for players who are attentive to the details of the game.

Santo Ileso is divided into nine districts — Photo: Divulgação/Volition

Saints Row is dominated by three factions: Los Panteros, a traditional organization, Marshall, known for producing state-of-the-art weapons, and The Idols, a gang famous for violence and oppression.

Your objective in the game is to start the criminal organization The Saints from scratch, overthrow the other factions that are in power and dominate Saint Unharmed. With the expansion of their business, the player gains options to build buildings and earn money from it, increasing territorial control.

An interesting detail is that the type of business chosen, be it the expansion in traffic or car theft, increases your gameplay options and the possibilities in the game. Another advantage of increasing power in the region is that the number of gang members also grows. These characters are NPCs (machine controlled) and help increase The Saints’ power and territorial expansion.

The player’s goal in Saints Row is to dominate organized crime in Saint Ileso — Photo: Press Release/Volition

Despite not having more details disclosed, the weapon options promise to be vast and the game should have revolvers, rocket launcher and more alternatives for melee combat. The player will be able to customize their weaponry to make it the way they find most interesting. The vehicle possibilities are also extensive and the game has cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, hoverbikes, hoverboards and go-karts.

It is also worth noting that Saints Row will have a co-op option, that is, to play with a friend. The developer guarantees that it is working so that gameplay between different devices such as consoles and PCs happens smoothly and without chokes, regardless of the generation of the device.