Nubank releases loan with first installment for 90 days; see how to order

In addition to the facilities, maintenance fee-free accounts and various services that Nubank makes available to its customers, now the digital bank has also released a pre-approved credit line with a reduced rate and discount condition if the customer wants to pay off the credit. in advance.

The loan application can be made directly through the Nubank application, where the customer can check the amount that will have been approved, the information and the interest rate on the loan – see step by step below.

The process for accessing credit is automated, so that the interest rate and the final amount that must be paid by the customer are quickly calculated through the simulation. The credit can be paid in up to 24 months and the customer has up to 90 days to pay the first installment of the loan.

The interest rates on the installments are variable and personalized according to the profile of each one, so they change from person to person. They can also vary according to the number of installments, so whenever they want to apply for a loan, the client can make a simulation and see how much they will pay.

Payment of installments is made by automatic debit to the Nubank account, but only if the customer has the full amount of the installment available on the day of payment. Otherwise, automatic debit is not performed and the bank sends a reminder (by email and mobile notification) of the payment.

Remembering that, if payment is not made on the agreed due date, the customer is overdue with the loan and interest and a fixed penalty of 2% are charged.

Nubank Loan Advantages

  • Control when deciding: through the app, the client makes simple and easy-to-understand simulations. There, you can also see the exact amount of the interest rate, choose the number of installments, the amount of installments and the payment dates. It is possible to simulate several possibilities, as many times as you like.
  • Control when hiring: transparency and clarity of information so you know exactly what you’re taking. The information you want to know is always highlighted and, if everything is as you expect, the hiring ends in two clicks. From there, the money goes into Nubank’s account. The analysis is carried out on the spot, but it is possible that some additional information may be requested.
  • Control when paying: an efficient way for you to see how much you’ve already paid and how much is still to pay. If you want to make any payment in advance, just choose the installments to receive the interest discount. Everything through the app, made to order.

How to apply for the Nubank loan

  1. Access the Nubank app;
  2. On the home screen, in the bottom bar select Loans;
  3. Click on New Loan and check the reason you want the option;
  4. Start the simulation informing the amount you want to hire;
  5. Enter the amount of installments and the date that payments will be made;
  6. Check the interest, terms and the total amount of the agreement;
  7. Check all questions and confirm the transaction, the amount is transferred immediately to Nubank account

This news was last updated on August 25, 2021 11:46 AM

August 25, 2021 11:46 AM