OnlyFans backs down on the decision to ban explicit sexual content – 8/25/2021 – Tec

The OnlyFans platform, where erotic photos and videos can be shared for a fee, announced this Wednesday (25) that it will again authorize explicit sex content.

“We have obtained the necessary assurances to support our diverse community of creators and have suspended the planned policy change for October 1,” the company announced on Twitter.

Last Thursday (19), the company had linked its decision to suspend this type of content to threats from the main banks to cut ties with the company, fearing damage to its image and reputation.

The platform’s adult content creators, who charge for explicit photos and videos, were caught off guard by last week’s decision and lashed out at the company.

Actor and model Marlon Schuck, who participated in the 2012 season of Malhação (Globo) and has a profile on OnlyFans, classified as a setback the decision to ban nudes, sex, or anything that the person wants to do there by free consent.

“Each one works the way they can and shows what they want, doesn’t force anyone to sign or buy content,” said the actor.

In 2020, the platform increased its transactions by 605%, to £1,7 billion (R$12.2 billion). For this year, the projection is of £300m (R$2.1bn) of profit before tax.

The rapid growth has further tightened the relationship between Onlyfans and the banks, as the company now claims to pay more than US$300 million (R$1.5 billion) to its creators. This increasingly requires large banking institutions to act as intermediaries in transfers between the platform and users.

Onlyfans told the Financial Times that new guidance on Wednesday’s decision will be sent to its more than 2 million creators.

With Financial Times