OnlyFans goes back and decides to allow explicit sexual content on the platform

The OnlyFans controversy now seems to have reached a positive result for everyone involved with the site. After user complaints, the platform backed off and said it would release pornographic content again.

A new policy, slated to take effect from October 1st, would ban sexually explicit materials, which could take a toll on both OnlyFans and its users. But, in its official Twitter profile, the social network said it had obtained the “necessary guarantees” to support the community and keep everything as it is today.

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Thus, the network must continue its campaign to attract other types of content creators, but without giving up the captive audience that helped the network’s growth.

Banishment Threats

To justify the exclusion of sexual content, the company’s CEO, Tim Stokely, commented yesterday that the culprit for the change in terms of the site would be pressure from the banks. Financial market investors said they would reject participation in OnlyFans due to “reputation risk” due to sexual bias, which could cause the service to lose its payment functions.

The site was originally created to rival Patreon and provide financial support to content creators, but eventually expanded to house photos, videos and other types of content related to the sexual and erotic universe. Several stars in the porn world have an account there and sell exclusive materials, such as podcasts and vlogs.

OFTV is a less spicy version of Onlyfans (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

This paradigm shift began to be studied after the Play Store and the App Store deny entry of the application in stores due to sexual content. This prompted the company to create a “light” version of the app, without pornographic materials, called OFTV, to get Google and Apple’s approval.

Source: OnlyFans

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