Oops! ESPN Brazil commentator caught off guard at home after technical failure: ‘Look at the naked guy!’; watch

What a situation! On Wednesday night (25), ESPN Brazil commentator Felippe Facincani was spotted shirtless in a live broadcast. What do you mean, Brazil?! The gaffe happened during the program “SportsCenter” and amused the viewers and the host of the attraction, who even made a joke with the moment. And we didn’t fail to notice: how healthy, huh? Hahahaha

Journalists were talking about game updates for the round. After a live entry by reporter Eduardo de Meneses at Morumbi stadium, the transmission was cut off and Facincani appeared remotely. The problem was that the commentator appeared to have just come out of the shower. When he realized what was happening, he sat up quickly and asked: “Are we on the air yet? Do not play…”. Imagine the despair, my father!

The show’s host, of course, didn’t miss the joke. “Look at the naked guy, look at this man, Tarzan”, joked the narrator when his colleague appeared, referring to the child character who lives in the jungles without clothes. Quickly, the signal was cut again and started to transmit the preparation of the games in the stadiums. Watch the moment:

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On the web, internet users didn’t leave it cheap! “I wanted to sit and watch healthy sports journalism on ESPN and simply Felipe Facincani naked on my TV”, wrote a profile. “This thing about Facincani naked on ESPN was either arranged or put on the air premeditatedly to burn the guy!”, analyzed another. “I think an intern was fired”, considered one more. Check out the reactions: