Pacheco makes Bolsonaro a step to climb the stage as Mr. Moderation – 08/26/2021

A pyromaniac politician, Bolsonaro never takes advantage of the opportunities that the situation offers him to get rid of the blowtorch. Suddenly, the captain became an opportunity that Rodrigo Pacheco took advantage of to show off the fire extinguisher. Bolsonaro made Planalto an electoral committee that treats the Apocalypse as a campaign platform. Pacheco makes the Senate presidency a point outside the polarization curve.

When announcing the shelving of the impeachment request that Bolsonaro had filed in the Senate against the Supreme Minister Alexandre de Moraes, Pacheco mentioned legal and political reasons. Legally, the president’s complaint, formulated “without the legal adequacy and without the legal technique”, lacks the so-called “just cause”. Politically, said Pacheco, Bolsonaro’s request is “an opportunity given so that we can re-establish good relations between the Powers.”

Just as Bolsonaro knew that the fate of Moraes’ impeachment order would be the Senate’s archives, Pacheco is not unaware that the reestablishment of “good relations” with the Planalto is a talk from Minas Gerais to nanar oxen. After his smooth talk, Bolsonaro reposted an April video on social media. In it, he declares that he knows “where the cancer in Brazil is”. And he reverts to trench language: “We can win this war.”

In addition to Bolsonaro’s shrill voice, Pacheco hears a whisper from Gilberto Kassab, president of the PSD. Respected for the quality of his election forecasts, Kassab blows two perceptions into the ears of the Senate mandarin: 1) Bolsonaro will not make it to the second round; two) Lula is not an unbeatable candidate.

Encouraged by Kassab to gear up for the 2022 contest, Pacheco hesitated. But it is difficult to resist the stimuli provided by Bolsonaro’s immoderate. At a time when part of the electorate is looking for the third way address, the president of the Senate uses Bolsonaro as a stepping stone to step onto the platform. Without fanfare, he presents himself to the electorate as a kind of Mr Moderation.