Palmeiras fans celebrate the agreement between Lucas Lima and Fortaleza; see the best memes

Officially announced as new player for Fortaleza, Lucas Lima created a wave of different feelings in the Tricolor and Alviverde fans. Ecstatic for the arrival of the midfielder, Leão fans rocked the internet celebrating the hit with the 31-year-old player. However, the unusual reaction of palmeira residents gained prominence on social networks this Wednesday (25).
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The former shirt 20 was never one of the most beloved pieces by the Palmeiras fans. Featured in Santos between 2014 and 2017, when he caught the attention of Brazil, the midfielder could not have a sequence within the rival alviverde. Lucas Lima even accumulated calls for the Brazilian team when he was playing for the Santos club.

Recently, the glaring midfielder at a clandestine party shook his future at Palmeiras. Already little used by Abel Ferreira, Lucas Lima fell even more in the fan’s displeasure. He hasn’t acted for nearly three months.

On Twitter, unlike the common reaction of fans who are faced with the goodbye of a champion player for the club, alviverdes fans celebrate the player’s departure.