Paulinho Serra despairs on the web with the death of his father-in-law

Paulinho Serra left his fans and followers thrilled this Wednesday (25) by using their social networks to make a poignant outburst about the death of his father-in-law, victim of a heart attack. The comedian appeared visibly shaken and crying over the death of his wife’s father.

The artist also mentioned that, due to the coronavirus pandemic that devastates Brazil and the world, his father-in-law – who lived in Goiânia – was unable to meet the two grandchildren.

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Love your kinsman, love your friend. Be close to the people who really like you. Today, my father-in-law dies and, because of Covid-19, we haven’t visited them for a long time, because they [os sogros] live in Goiânia. He died without knowing his grandchildren”, lamented.

And continued: “Be close to the people you love, seriously! It’s what counts! It’s not work, ballad, no fucking thing. It’s the people who really love you. Be close to them. Live for them, is the advice I give”he said in tears.

Support on social media

Paulinho Serra he used his Twitter to communicate what happened to followers, and revealed that the death happened due to a heart attack.

“Damn! My father-in-law just died, what a sad day, what a sense of inadequacy… Heart attack. Very young pqp My mother-in-law here at home visiting us, happy atmosphere and she will act, returning alone to Goiânia. Oh my God and my wife can’t go together… We’re devastated”, he wrote.

“My feelings, Paulinho. strength for you and may he make a passage of peace”, wrote a follower. “I’m sorry, Paulinho. A lot of strength for you and your whole family right now”said another. “My condolences and feelings, Paulinho! I wish you and your family positive energy and strength, see”, lamented a third.

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