Petrobras sells REMAN, but sale of RNEST fails; Vibra informs date to pay earnings, Opportunity reaches 15% of CVC and more

SAO PAULO – The corporate news highlights the news of the sale of the REMAN refinery by Petrobras, while the sale of RNEST failed. Vibra Energia announced a date for payment of earnings. Also highlighted, Opportunity held 15.2% of CVC’s shares. Check out more highlights:

Petrobras announced the sale of the Isaac Sabbá refinery (REMAN) for US$ 189.5 million to Ream Participações, of the partners of Atem’s Distribuidora de Petróleo.

Petrobras also sought to sell the Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST). However, according to the company, those interested did not submit proposals. Petrobras announced that it is ending the sale process to assess the “next steps”.

Morgan Stanley points out that while the sale of REMAN was a move in the right direction, RNEST is a much larger unit with greater processing capacity. In addition, the refinery has the potential to increase capacity.

“So far, Petrobras has faced challenges in the process of divestment of REPAR and RNEST, which could increase the perception of risk for the downstream industry in the country”, the analysts point out.

Vibra Energy (BRDT3)

Vibra, formerly BR Distribuidora, will pay on August 31, 2021 the payment of the second installment referring to the remuneration to shareholders in the form of dividends, approved at the last Annual General Meeting, for the year 2020. The total amount of dividends to be paid in the on August 31, 2021 will be R$721.73 million (or R$0.61951576215 per share) of which approximately R$707 million (R$0.60693556505) will be principal and approximately R$14.65 million ( R$0.01258019711 per share) of monetary restatement.

Shareholders in the shareholding position on April 15, 2021 (inclusive) will be entitled to the dividends. The company’s shares started to be traded ex-dividend as of April 16, 2021. Income tax will be applied on the monetary restatement amount, except for the immune and exempt shareholders.

“It is worth noting that in 2021 Interest on equity and dividends in the total amount of approximately R$ 1.6 billion (R$ 1.37817085499 per share) were already paid, which added to this last installment make up a total amount distributed to shareholders of R$2.327 billion (R$1.99768661714), referring to the year 2020.

Santander Brazil (SANB11)

In an interview with Reuters, the superintendent of Santander Financiamentos, Marcio Giovannini, said that Santander Brasil (SANB11) is expanding partnerships with retailers in fast-growing segments to try to speed up its consumer finance portfolio as the country begins out of the recession caused by the pandemic.

Since last December, the bank has increased from 9 to 15 the segments in which it operates in consumer credit in partnerships with networks, starting to finance everything from the purchase of agricultural equipment and solar panels to dental treatments, including furniture and decoration.

Funds Opportunity HDF and Opportunity Gestão de Investimentos purchased CVC assets, reaching a share of 15.20% of the total ON shares, corresponding to 30,569,183 shares.

MRV reported that Morgan Stanley reached an investment equivalent to 5% of the total number of common shares of the builder.

Track Field (TFCO4)

Safari Capital now holds 4.93% of Track Field’s preferred shares, corresponding to 3,547,300 preferred shares.

Miles Capital reduced its stake in Lavvi to less than 5% of total common shares.

Enauta announced that its subsidiary Enauta Energia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Yinson Holdings Berhad, through its subsidiary Yinson Acacia, for the direct and exclusive negotiation of the FPSO supply contracts for the Definitive System of the Atlanta Field .

The MoU establishes the beginning of direct negotiations with exclusivity for the supply of the FPSO, covering the agreements for chartering, operating and maintaining the production unit. Yinson is an independent FPSO services company that operates globally and operates production facilities in West Africa, the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia.

“The MoU represents an opportunity to anticipate decisions relevant to the successful tender of the definitive Atlanta system and allows greater predictability of the start of operations and conditions of the Atlanta SD. We decided to move forward with Yinson, a traditionally world-renowned FPSO supplier that is already establishing itself in the Brazilian market. We have reached an agreement that matches our expectations of delivering a safe and robust production system. Enauta is also aligned with Yinson in implementing solutions that minimize the intensity of carbon per barrel produced”, commented Carlos Mastrangelo, Operations Director of the Company.

The FPSO’s bidding process considers an FPSO with the capacity to process 50,000 barrels of oil per day, to which 6 to 8 producing wells will be connected, three of which are already operating in the Early Production System. The tender considers the adaptation of an existing and not yet used FPSO, OSX-2, made possible by an exclusivity contract with a purchase option signed by Enauta. The bidding process for other services and equipment necessary for the development of the SD is in progress.

Additionally, the company filed a request with IBAMA to obtain the SD preliminary license. The Company expects to make the final SD investment decision in early 2022 to ensure the start of production by mid-2024. Located in the Santos Basin, the Atlanta Field is operated by Enauta Energia SA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, which also holds 100% of this asset.

Investments in the works of the Angra 3 nuclear power plant from December 2020 to 2023 should add up to R$ 6 billion, pointed out in a presentation this Wednesday by Eletronuclear, a subsidiary of state-owned Eletrobras (ELET3). According to the financial director of Eletrobras, Elvira Presta, the contributions to the plant, which should operate in 2026, show the company’s commitment to completing the project.

(with Reuters and Estadão Content)

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