Pfizer vaccine will be produced in Brazil from 2022

Pfizer vaccine will be produced in Brazil from 2022

Photo: Myke Sena/MS

American pharmacists to do and german BioNTech they go produce vaccine against Covid in Brazil, in partnership with the laboratory Eurofarma. A letter of intent was signed between the parties. According to a statement, the expectation is that the production starts as early as 2022 and exceeds more than 100 million doses per year.

“Everyone, regardless of financial status, ethnicity, religion or geography, deserves access to life-saving Covid vaccines”, he said Albert Bourla, President of Pfizer, in a note reproduced by Valor. “Our new collaboration with Eurofarma expands our global supply chain network, helping us to continue providing fair and equitable access to our vaccine.”

For Maurizio Billi, president of Eurofarma, the agreement is a milestone for the Brazilian laboratory.

“We are making our best resources available in industrial capacity, technology and quality for this project, so that we can fulfill the contract with excellence and contribute to supplying the Latin American market.” One of the main national laboratories, Eurofarma has 10 drug factories, three of them in Brazil. The Brazilian company is present in 20 countries in Latin America.

“We have increased the manufacturing capacity of our own facilities and have added dozens of partners to our global network. Together with Pfizer, we plan to deliver 3 billion doses in total by the end of the year. Today’s partnership is an important step in expanding access to vaccines in Latin America, expanding our global manufacturing network.”, stated Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech.

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