Pirata Zulmiro’s Diary, “Senhor do Bom Frio” tape and more creative products made in Curitiba

Creative and original products, which are the face of Curitiba and its residents, were selected at the 1st SouCuritiba Creative Marathon and will be officially launched this Wednesday afternoon (25). Among the novelties that should be successful among the “piazada” and the tourists, and that should be sold at #CuritibaSuaLinda stores, are the Diario de Bordo do Zulmiro Pirate, the “Senhor do Bom Frio” ribbon, the bi-articulated glass, the Guia das Curitibanices, among other fun items.

+WebStories! Marathon brings new products with the face of Curitiba. Look!


> Pirata Zulmiro: Murder that occurred 125 years ago is unveiled by historian from Curitiba

> Strawberry seller makes credit on Pix and sales increase 50% on the corner of Curitiba

> Freedom, comfort and remote work: Motorhome becomes the darling of Curitibans of all ages

Held by the Municipal Tourism Institute (IMT) in partnership with Sebrae-PR, the marathon was free and for the first time fully digital. Of the 33 registered participants, 19 had selected products. 45 products were submitted, 36 of which were approved, which will receive the SouCuritiba seal. The SouCuritiba Project has existed since 2013 and was created to foster the development of innovative souvenirs, generating business opportunities for local producers.

For Izamara Carniatto, consultant designer at Sebrae-PR, the process was one of many learnings not only for the participants, but also for the institution. During the process, it was possible to explore virtual visits, online mentoring and even video production. She says that many people did not have such close contact with these technologies and the new contexts went beyond creating the product itself.

“SouCuritiba has a consolidated face-to-face methodology and now the moment has led us to review the steps and create a format that also proved to be very efficient. What is great and shows the potential of the project”, adds Izamara.

chosen products

As for the themes proposed in the marathon, 18 products were selected with the Curitiba Culture theme, 15 products with the Paranista Memorial theme and 3 products with a Hybrid theme.

Check out the list with the selected products that become part of the SouCuritiba Catalog below. Congratulations to all participants for their commitment and dedication.

Challenge Theme: Local Culture in Curitiba

Beatriz Amorim FavaroWeight for tissue paper
(to see the product pitch click here)
Brenda NiewiorowskiBi-articulated cup
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Cami Campos / Made MoroCuritiban Memories
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Debora Borba / Terezinha VitorinoCherry Blossom
(to see the product’s opitch, click here)
Edilene Terezinha Guzzoniplate holder
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Georgiana VidalMatte Tile Frame / Tray
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Harry Rodrigues JuniorDiorama Rua São Francisco
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Heloise MaraCurito Cloths
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Joseane PesuschiPirate Zulmiro’s logbook
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Karine SeraphimAraucaria magnets
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Karine WilczekPinion Stack
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Larissa LightRibbon of Senhor do Bom Frio
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Luciana ClaassenPetit Pave Frame Mandala
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Marcia Zelak Agottaniutility holder
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Patricia Duarte Costa Jankosz and Cecilia Duarte CostaAmerican Games Collection Curitiba and the 4 seasons
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Paty SantosGuide to Curitibanices
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Tiemi Roseli TakahashiMatchbox Magnets
(to see the product pitch, click here)
Vinicius Miranda PatitucciMON luminaire
(to see the product pitch, click here)

Challenge Theme: Paranista Memorial

Challenge Theme: Hybrid Product

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