Pope Francis laments hypocrisy in the Church

Pope Francis considered “the Church’s hypocrisy” to be “particularly detestable” and lamented that unfortunately there are “too many hypocritical Christians and ministers”.

The pontiff dedicated today’s catechesis (25), during the general audience held in the Sala Paulo VI, to the “reprehensible behavior” that is hypocrisy and that is found both “in the workplace and in politicians who live in a public and another in private life”.

Francisco spoke to several hundred faithful who attended the audience wearing masks but not keeping a safe distance to prevent covid-19 contagion,

According to the pope, when you act in any way other than the truth, you put the unity of the Church at risk.”

“May your speech be yes or no, because otherwise it comes from the evil one,” he added.

“There are many situations in which hypocrisy can be verified. He often hides in the workplace, where it’s a matter of appearing friendly with his colleagues, while competition leads to his back-slapping. In politics it’s not uncommon to find hypocrites who they experience a split between the public and the private,” he explained.

The pope defined hypocrisy as “the fear of openly telling the truth, pretending or appearing to do good in the eyes of others”, and asked the “Lord” to help human beings to be coherent, to let go of confrontations and courageously fight everything. that distances them from the truth and faith they profess.