President of Fortaleza sends a message to Ceni before deciding for the Copa do Brasil

O strength will visit and face the São Paulo at Morumbi, at 9:30 pm (GMT) this Wednesday (25), for the first leg of the quarterfinals of the 2021 Brazil Cup. On the eve of the decisive reunion with the SPFC, the president of Leão do Pici, Marcelo Paz, commented on the good moment at the club and took the opportunity to ‘send a message’ to Rogério Ceni.

Paz declared that the team’s good time with Juan Pablo Vojvoda It is important to show that Tricolor’s work did not depend exclusively on Ceni – noting that the club went through complicated phases after the two times the former goalkeeper left Castelão, in 2019 for Cruzeiro and in 2020 for Flamengo.

“For us, this good moment with Vojvoda is important because it is proven to everyone that Fortaleza has strength within itself, that it is not necessarily exclusive with Rogério”, said Paz, in an interview with the UOL Esporte website.

Juan Pablo Vojvoda Fortaleza

Juan Pablo Vojvoda does an excellent job at Fortaleza. / JAVIER TORRES/Getty Images

After many post-Ceni oscillations, Fortaleza decided to break the limits of Brazil’s borders and bet on Vojvoda. Little known in the national territory, the Argentine arrived surrounded by mistrust, but he worked hard and has achieved expressive results, how to leave Leão do Pici in the G-4 of the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship since the first round.

“Fortalia is a centenary club, with a lot of history, has been in Serie A several times, has been champion of the Northeast more than once, and Rogério is a very important figure in this history, one of the most important guys, but life Follow…”, declared the president of Tricolor, before highlighting this approval with Vojvoda.

“Fortalia is proving, with Vojvoda, a guy from another country, another concept, who plays different from Rogério, although they have the same offensive mentality, which manages to be competitive not only with Rogério. This is important for the management, for the work and even for the fans’ self-esteem”, concluded the agent.

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