President of the guarantor of need says that the company is ‘small’ and has R$7.5 billion; ‘Repeat it’, mocks senator | Covid’s CPI

The president of FIB Bank, Roberto Pereira Ramos Júnior, said this Wednesday (25th) in testimony to Covid’s CPI that his company is “small” and has assets of R$7.5 billion. At that moment, the president of the commission, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), joked: “Repeat it, please”.

FIB Bank was the guarantor of the contract signed between Need Medicines and the Ministry of Health in the negotiation of the Covaxin vaccine.

But the CPI wants to know the reason for need to hire FIB Bank – which, despite its name, is not a financial institution – and if there are irregularities in the process.

The CPI also determines if the company has a hidden partner and, if so, to whom he would be connected.

Covid CPI: FIB Bank director talks about bail in Covaxin vaccine negotiation

Covid CPI: FIB Bank director talks about bail in Covaxin vaccine negotiation

The federal government’s negotiation for the purchase of Covaxin was canceled after suspicions of irregularities in the negotiation were revealed. Covaxin would be the most expensive vaccine to be purchased by the government, and the total contract value would be R$1.6 billion.

In the testimony, Pereira was asked by Aziz about the size of the FIB Bank.

“Did you say it’s a small company?” asked the senator.

“In structure, yes,” replied Pereira.

“And what is the share capital of this small company?” Aziz continued.

“R$ 7.5 billion”, revealed the manager.

“No, repeat it, please,” asked Aziz.

Pereira justified that “the structure is small, but the capital is R$7.5 billion”. He also explained that this equity is the sum of two of the company’s properties. “There are two main properties, one in the city of São Paulo and the other in the city of Castro, in Paraná”.

One of the properties is worth R$7.2 billion and the other R$300 million, as explained by the president of FIB Bank.

He also said that last year’s turnover was R$ 1 million.

According to Aziz, with one of the FIB Bank lands it is possible to buy Buckingham Palace, the residence of the British royal family.

“Of course we receive a lot of messages. One message I received is that Buckingham Palace costs US$1.5 billion, which, multiplying by five, could reach 7 billion. So, the land you have is good enough for buy Buckingham Palace, in England,” said the senator.

The company’s assets surprised even the government senator Jorginho Melo (PL-SC).

“This sells the cure for any disease,” joked the senator, referring to the capital of the FIB Bank.

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