“Pressure is getting unbearable”; Santos sectorist ‘sniffs out’ backstage about Diniz’s future and the situation heats up

Fernando Diniz it was never unanimous at Santos and this is no secret for anyone. The commander had a rejection when he was negotiating with the São Paulo club, but the president Andres Rueda banked your arrival. After a few months of work, the technician is again being questioned a lot and there are already rumors about a possible dismissal.

According to information gathered by the journalist Lucas Costa, a possible loss to Flamengo, this weekend, can end the coach’s visit to Vila Belmiro. Diniz is also not very well regarded on the Management Board of the São Paulo club and dissatisfaction has grown a lot with his weak performances in recent games.

I just received an audio from my source, which reads as follows: Fernando Diniz is not unanimous within the CG. Pressure is getting unbearable on the technician. Defeat for Flamengo in Vila Belmiro could be the last straw for Diniz. (…) Even because the Santos board believes that the score of the first leg of the Copa do Brasil is reversible. Waiting for the next chapters”, informed the sectorist.

The team from Santos almost always has more possession of the ball, but it doesn’t translate that into numbers of clear chances of goal and ends up suffering a lot in the defensive system. Some improvisations are also demanded by the fans, such as Mark William centered in the midfield and the athlete ends up dropping a lot of performance.

On the other hand, any change now could bring others problems, as it does not have any name in the market above the average that is within the budget made by Santos. For now, Diniz is usually in Vila Belmiro focusing on his next appointment, against Flamengo.

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