Prevented from attending his aunt’s funeral, farmer uses herd in tribute – News

An Australian farmer used a drone, lots of grain, and a herd of sheep to pay a heartwarming tribute to his late aunt. That’s because Ben Jackson could not attend the funeral of his loved one, due to restrictions adopted by the country of Oceania, to contain the escalation of covid-19 cases attributed to the Delta variant.

In addition to recording the tribute, Jackson also shared the result on Facebook: “I did this for my aunt Deb. We said goodbye yesterday,” he wrote in the caption of the post.

“I hope you peeked from up there and saw this sheep art for you,” he added. He also explains that the chosen soundtrack was the honoree’s favorite song.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the farmer said that he did not expect to lose someone so close, without having the opportunity to say goodbye in the usual way.

“Losing someone in these times is very complicated,” he said. “I felt a little helpless, a little puzzled, about how I could show my affection and love for my dear Aunt Deb.”

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For Jackson, the real difficulty in being unable to see relatives was only felt in the face of loss: “I’m not an expert in grief, but I was certainly totally unprepared for how it affected me, my family and others.”

He also revealed that sheep hearts were made possible not only by the strategically placed grains. But also because some females are about to give birth and need extra feed.

The most fitting tribute possible for the aunt, who according to her nephew, loved to visit the farm and find out what he was doing there.

In France, sheep were enrolled in a school to prevent the cancellation of classes. Understand below!