Princess Diana is played by Kristen Stewart in 1st trailer

Neon released, this Thursday (26), the first trailer for spencer. The preview shows Kristen Stewart in action as Princess Diana, in scenes from the story that dramatizes the 1991 weekend in which she decided to end her marriage to Prince Charles (jack farthing). Look above.

The film, directed by Pablo Larrain (Jackie), borrows the activist’s Christian name to signal Diana’s royal marriage break in her title. According to Stewart herself [via Deadline]: “Spencer is an emotional dive into imagining who Diana was at a pivotal time in her life. It’s an affirmation of all its layers, starting with his given name, Spencer. It’s a big effort to try to come back to herself as Diana tries to cling to what the name Spencer means to her.“.

In addition to Stewart and farthing, Timothy Spall, Olga Helsing and Sean Harris are also part of the cast. Under the direction of Larrain, the script is up to Steven Knight, creator and screenwriter of Peaky Blinders. According to Neon, the feature will be shown in November 5 in the United States.