Priscilla Alcantara mocks Silvio Santos for resignation from SBT

Priscilla Alcantara opened the game on the reason that led to his resignation from SBT. The singer and former presenter of good morning and co needled Silvio Santos when justifying the reason for the shutdown of the house.

“They said we were big for ‘Bom Dia & Cia’, but Silvia Abravanel is much more than me”, she recalled, who ran the children’s program between 2004 and 2011, alongside Yudi Tamashiro, and was succeeded by the director and daughter of Dono do Baú, in an interview with ‘Venus’ podcast.

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Reason for resignation from SBT

In the sequence, Priscilla Alcantara revealed the reason for the resignation of the Anhanguera channel. “The excuse was that we came in and got too old, they claimed that we were big for the program, old, and that they didn’t have a project for us. Interesting that Silvia Abravanel went there later, right? And she’s older than me, I kept asking myself: ‘What happened?’” he said.

“When I left it was really crazy, now I realize that even I wasn’t putting faith in my music. It didn’t even cross my mind. It was the most difficult moment of my life, it was there that I grew up, that I became the root of my purpose”, continued the artist, who is identified as a supposed participant of the The Masked Singer, from Globo.

“I remember spending months in my room just praying. I no longer had a television contract, the independent TV show I was trying to go wrong and nobody knew me in the music. I wondered what to do, my family worked with me“, recalled Priscilla Alcantara.

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