Priscilla Alcantara reveals expulsion from church for singing on TV | celebrities

Priscilla Alcantara

Priscilla Alcantara

Priscilla Alcantara, 25, recalled this Tuesday (24) when her family was expelled from the church for her first television performance. The subject came up after the singer addressed the album “Gente”, her first project that was not 100% dedicated to gospel and which earned her a Grammy nomination.

“That was always my intention [furar a bolha] and I carry this feeling on account of my parents. Since the time they were church leaders, they were always good for ‘frentex’, even though we are from a very traditional church, they were always listening to the voice of God and not man, including the first time I sang on television I couldn’t sing gospel, so I played Wanessa Camargo, Rouge, I don’t know… and I remember that we were kicked out of the church at the time because I was singing ‘world music’. And even so, they always made me aware, they said: ‘We’re going to find another community that understands'”, recalled Priscilla Alcantara, in an interview with the Vênus podcast.

During the chat, the singer also recalled her times as host of “Bom Dia & Cia”, a children’s program on SBT. With no fixed contract with the network since 2013, she revealed the mystery behind her participation in the attraction. According to her, there was no scheme or combination, it was luck. “There were a lot of calls a day and there were one or two phones in production. The one that took off the hook and was there at the time was who would be answered,” she explained. Asked about the existence of a pre-registration to participate, she denied it. “No, I didn’t even know it. It was very organic, pure luck. But it was strange because there were children who managed eight, six times, I said: ‘Have you won eight playstations, no, no, and I have none?'”, she joked. .

Priscilla also did not fail to mention how much the resignation of SBT, when she was between 17 and 18 years old, affected her. “When I left it was very crazy, now I realize that I wasn’t even putting faith in my music. It didn’t even cross my mind: ‘I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’m coming off television and I’m going to invest in the music that is my big dream’, no… . today it makes me see how much I was detached from my destiny due to comfort. It was the most difficult moment of my life, it was there that I grew up, that I became root in my purpose. I remember that I spent months in my room alone praying. I no longer had a television contract, the independent TV show I was trying to go wrong and no one knew me in music. I wondered what to do because my whole family worked with me,” she recalled.

Asked about the reason for resigning from SBT, Priscilla gave a light nudge. “The excuse was that we came of age, they claimed that we were big for the program, of age, and that they didn’t have a project for us. Interesting that Silvia Abravanel joined later, right? She’s older I kept asking myself: ‘What happened?’ But that’s ok, it was good! If it hadn’t been for a break like that, I wouldn’t have revived my dream in music. That’s when I sang in Danilo Gentili. I remember my father. published this song and went viral on the networks. Everything in my life is sudden”, added Priscilla Alcantara.