Pyong and Antonela face each other in a survival challenge

After today’s voting on “Island Record”, it was decided that Pyong Lee and Antonela Avellaneda, allies in the game, will compete in the next elimination challenge. The proof will be shown tomorrow on the reality show.

The relationship between the participants caught the public’s attention during the program. The scenes where the alleged betrayal of Pyong, who was married to Sammy Lee at the time of the recordings, generated controversy when they were shown.

Pyong and Antonela lay in the same bed and hugged after defining the challenge participants.

I think some moments can make my wife jealous. I want to make it clear that it is a relationship of affection and friendship on my part.
Pyong Lee on “Island Record”

Voting in the village

After returning from exile last Friday (20th), Mirella Santos was the leader of the winning team of the competition played in this cycle. She nominated Antonela directly for the elimination challenge.

“I think it was a strategy. I don’t know anything,” said Nadja Pessoa of the choice. “You pretend not to know,” Mirella replied after the statement. Pyong was the most chosen by the participants.

I was really upset because they came back to the house pointing their fingers, saying I was a bad person. I asked forgiveness for everyone. It was not my intention to hurt. Each one plays his game. I was waiting for the vote, I’m calm.
Antonela on “Island Record”.

Whoever loses the elimination challenge will join the group of exiles, which includes Claudinho Matos, MC Negão from BL, Thomaz Costa, Nanah Damasceno and Lucas Selfie.

Celebration on social media

Fans cheered the confrontation between Pyong and Antonela on “Island Record”. “What a taste! I put Antonella straight and chose Pyong to go along in one night,” joked Mirella on Twitter.

Pyong or Antonela: who wins the survival challenge on ‘Record Island’?


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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