Pyong goes to bed with Antonela and fears jealousy of Sammy

YouTuber and “islander” Pyong Lee suspected that his wife, Sammy Lee, could be jealous of him and Antonela with the exchanges of affection between them on “Ilha Record” (RecorTV).

He and Antonela Avellaneda, allies in the game, will compete in the next elimination challenge. The test will be shown today on the reality show, but in yesterday’s edition, they lay in the same bed and hugged after defining the challenge participants.

Remember that the program is recorded. When the teaser was released by the network, Sammy Lee announced the end of his marriage to Pyong after a scene of his alleged betrayal.

On the 16th, the edition showed the scene and, at one point in the conversation, Antonela lifted the sheet to talk to Pyong without being caught by the cameras, but was soon rejected by the ex-BBB.

Yesterday, he told Antonela that the relationship is just friendship, even though he knew it would trigger jealousy in Sammy out here.

I think some moments can make my wife jealous. I want to make it clear that it is a relationship of affection and friendship on my part. Pyong Lee

In the call for the next program, participant Nadja needled the two and said that Pyong’s partner — until then — would be jealous of the relationship between the ex-BBB and Antonela.

Sammy announced the termination of her and Pyong’s marriage in July. She said she lied to her one-year-old son from her marriage to Pyong and that she was born while the influencer was in “BBB 20”.

You know how hard I tried, how wrong I was to lie to myself, to save this marriage. Jesus, what do I do? I give my life into your hands, God, please don’t let my child feel the pain. Son, writing this with you in your lap is too painful. Yes, my marriage is over. I lack the strength to type anything else. Sammy