Rainfall reality is worse than simulations, says electrical system operator

The general director of the National Electric System Operator (ONS), Luiz Carlos Ciocchi, admitted that weather conditions have been “more negative” in reality than in the rainfall simulations carried out by the agency. The speech comes amid new measures by the federal government to try to mitigate the worst water crisis in the country in the last 91 years.

“At some point they may say that we are being too pessimistic, but unfortunately not. We would like to be wrong, but nature has been much more negative from the point of view of rainfall than our simulations”, he stated at a press conference this Wednesday (25).

According to Ciocchi, the forecast for the rainy season is still uncertain, a factor that makes the scenario even more worrying. “In August, the only place that could have had an expected rain was the southern region and this rain did not appear at the intensity we expected”, he added, explaining that, in a critical situation, the region is being supplied with energy accumulated in the Northeast.

Ciocchi also informed that the government is working to approve the operation of four more thermoelectric plants, totaling 1,000 megawatts (MW). “We have to take the system in which the crossing of the wet season will arrive and it always does, although it may not be the best possible affluence, but we bring the certainty that the rains will come. […] (This) is the necessary condition for us to make this crossing”, he added.