Renato Gaúcho says Flamengo ‘taught soccer class’ and rebuts Jorge Jesus | Flamengo

Renato Gaucho Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Published 08/26/2021 09:00

Rio – After Flamengo’s rout over Grêmio in Porto Alegre, coach Renato Gaúcho praised his team’s performance in the second half. Even with one less in most of the complementary stage, Rubro-Negro won and built a magnificent result away from home in the Copa do Brasil.


“The most important thing is that, despite being one down, Flamengo taught a soccer lesson in the second half. It was aggressive. We managed to create chances and score four goals. It gives us a nice advantage to play for Maracanã, but not we are still classified. We took an important step, it is an important result,” he said.

Asked about the declarations of Jorge Jesus, champion coach of the Brazilian Nationals and Brazil Cup in 2019, that he would not be able to repeat his feats, Renato Gaúcho rebutted the Portuguese coach.

“He made history. He won titles with Flamengo’s group. Congratulations. I know of my ability. I know I’m going to make history at Flamengo as well. I was hired to work with the group and win. giving is working with my group. Seeking titles. That’s our goal,” he said.