Results of the Quina contest today, Wednesday (25/08/21)

Players can check the results of Quina contest 5641 this Wednesday, August 25, starting at 8 pm (Brasilia time). Today’s estimated prize is R$700,000.

Result of Quina 5641

So check out the numbers drawn in today’s Quina result: 13-31-57-62-74.

Quina Winners

Results of Quina contest 5641
Photo: Pixabay/reproduction

Prizes are awarded to players who manage to match between two and five dozen of the results of today’s Quina contest 5641. At Caixa agencies, bettors can redeem the amount by presenting their RG and CPF.

Values ​​of up to R$1,903.98 can also be withdrawn at lottery outlets. Online betting prizes, Lotteries Caixa allows the transfer of value to a Mercado Pago account.

The deadline for all lucky winners to redeem the amount is 90 calendar days from the draw of the result of Quina Contest 5641.

What is the chance of winning Quina’s award? The probability of hitting the result of today’s Quina contest 5641 with a single bet is one in over 24 million. With a game of 15 tens (maximum allowed), this chance increases to one in about eight thousand.

In the other ranges, the probability is one in: 64.1 thousand for four numbers, 866 for three numbers and 36 for two numbers.

next draw – Quina draws always take place from Monday to Saturday from 8 pm (Brasilia time).