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Retired carpenter Paulo Rodrigues Barbosa, 76, built his own gym at home, in Goiânia. With the support of his wife Sônia Ferreira Barbosa, the elderly man made four gym equipment using wood and some objects. The goal, he said, was to find a way to exercise without having to leave the house.

The idea arose during the coronavirus pandemic. Paulo is a carpenter and, before retiring, he worked creating heels for shoes. In his spare time, he said he likes to exercise with his wife. With the need for social isolation, the elderly decided to create their own academy.

“I felt the need to continue with the exercise and had the idea to manufacture these devices. I created one and it went on and on”, explained Mr. Paulo.

In all, four devices were made: an exercise bike; an extension and flexor chair; a “flyer” and a weight station. During the creations, the elderly said that he used wood and some objects, such as a used bicycle. The entire project came from Paulo’s head, without the aid of a drawing.

To give the final touch, Dona Sônia, who is a seamstress, made pillows to bring even more comfort.

“I supported him and decided to build the stools. We bought the foams, the cover and together we molded and did everything right”, explained the elderly woman.

Elderly built a wooden gym by himself during the pandemic, in Goiânia — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

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Exercises during the pandemic

Encouraged by family members, the couple maintains an exercise routine that is assisted by their daughter-in-law and physical education teacher Cristiane Cunha. The professional pointed out the importance of exercise for physical health.

“I have been oriented in relation to posture, weight overload and respecting the limits and possibilities of each one. In addition to preventing illnesses related to the physical body, [o exercício] it improves the quality of life, even avoiding depression”, he explained.

With the support of their wife, the couple exercise at home using a wooden gym in Goiânia — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

According to the family, this is not Paul’s only creation. Considered the “genius of the family”, the carpenter has already built a machine to make cornmeal and another one that moves the dulce de leche, aiming for practicality.

“I liked to make dulce de leche, but I had to spend about four hours stirring it directly with the spoon, so I thought: ‘I’m going to make a machine to turn it on and that’s it’”, he commented, good-humored.

In addition to the gym, an elderly man has already manufactured a machine that moves the dulce de leche, in Goiânia — Photo: Reproduction/TV Anhanguera

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