Santos announces the hiring of goalkeeper Jandrei – 08/25/2021

Santos announced this afternoon the hiring of goalkeeper Jandrei, 28 years old. After arranging his termination with Genoa, from Italy, he was in Vila Belmiro today (25) to sign a contract until the end of the 2022 São Paulo Championship.

“Everything went very quickly. As soon as I received the proposal, I already told my managers that I was interested in going to work at the Club. And it ended up working out very well. I’m so happy to be here wearing the shirt of that football giant that is Santos “, said Jandrei.

“Me I Think, the more qualified players the teacher has available, the better. It’s good for the club and for the athletes. I come to add and add value to the team. It will be a healthy dispute for space, each one looking for their own. I will try my best to help João, who is in an excellent phase, and also John, who was doing very well, but unfortunately he had the injury. We will work hard to pursue the club’s ambitions for the year,” he added.

President Andres Rueda has been hiring punctual and within the reality of the club. Jandrei, for example, arrives to compose the cast after the discharge of John, who underwent knee surgery.

“Jandrei will undoubtedly help a lot, due to his experience and his technical quality, including abroad. No welcome,” said President Rueda.

One of the factors that caught the goalkeeper’s attention to hit Santos was the work of coach Fernando Diniz. He identifies with the coach’s way of working and believes he will adapt quickly.

“I know Diniz from watching on TV and in games I played against. We know that he is a very intense coach and that he charges a lot on the field. And his presence here also helped me to accept the proposal. He has a style that relies on the goalkeeper playing with his feet, which is one of my characteristics. Having pleasure in playing football, having pleasure in keeping the ball and looking for the opponent’s goal starting from the goalkeeper, and not by chance with a kick. it’s a pleasure to work with him,” he explained.

Jandrei is the fourth reinforcement of the semester. Besides him, Santos announced the hiring of midfielder Augusto and strikers Léo Baptistão and Diego Tardelli.