Santos performances: João Paulo has an inspired night and avoids embarrassment against Athletico | saints

John Paul: best of Santos on the field. He worked hard, especially in the first half, to prevent Athletico from going to Vila Belmiro with an even greater advantage. No guilt in the conceded goal. Grade: 7.0

Lucas Braga: the attacker has been Santos’ main offensive weapon. He was the one who most sought out the game and tried to create dangerous moves. Suffered with the strong marking of Athletico by the left side of the Fish. He didn’t follow Richard in the move that originated the goal of Hurricane. Grade: 6.5

Felipe Jonathan: the left-back had an uninspired night, especially in the first half. As in the match against Libertad, forward Renato Kayzer took advantage of the lateral’s inattention to appear alone and complete for the goal. Grade 5.0

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Kayzer took the lead from Felipe Jonatan to complete the move and score Athletico’s goal — Photo: Gabriel Machado/AGIF

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  • John Paul [GOL]: 7.0
  • madson [LAD]: 5.5
  • Luiz Felipe [ZAG]: 6.0
    Robson Reis (ZAG): 6.0
  • Wagner Leonardo [ZAG]: 5.0
  • Felipe Jonathan [LAE]: 5.0
  • Jean Mota [MEC]: 5.5
    Raniel (ATA): 6.0
  • Carlos Sanchez [MEC]: 6.0
    Angelo (ATA): no grade
  • Gabriel Pirani [MEC]: 5.5
    Ivonei (MEC): 6.0
  • Mark William [ATA]: 5.0
  • Leonardo Marcos [ATA]: 5.5
  • Lucas Braga [ATA]: 6.5

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