Santos plays poorly again and loses to Athletico with controversial moves in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil

Santos lost this Wednesday night to Athletico Paranaense by 1-0, at Arena da Baixada, and started behind in the dispute of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. With the result, Peixe must now win by two goals difference in the return game, scheduled for September 14, in Vila, to get the spot. An alvinegra victory by one goal difference will take the dispute to penalties. Athletico, on the other hand, plays for a draw to qualify.

Athletico’s goal was scored by Renato Kayser, at the beginning of the first half. Peixe, who only balanced the match in the second stage, had a scandalous penalty not scored by the referee of the game, Marcelo de Lima Henrique, a move that was also ignored by the video referee (VAR). Athletico also had a goal in the end disallowed for offside in a dubious move.

The game

The match started and Athletico went over to Santos. With three minutes of play, Jader has already stamped the crossbar of Peixe with a nice kick from outside the area. Less than five minutes later, João Paulo already had two great saves.

Fernando Diniz’s team only appeared in the attack close to 15 minutes, when Lucas Braga started from the left and played for Sánchez. On the right side, the midfielder risked a shot that went over Hurricane’s goal. But Santos’ breath in the match was short-lived.

In the next minute, Thiago Heleno hit a direct foul before midfield and João Paulo ran to palm the ball out. In the corner taken by Nikão, Richard deflected the first post and Renato Kayser only completed the second pole for the nets. Athletic 1 to 0.

After the goal conceded, Peixe equalized the game more and arrived twice with long-distance kicks, but that was it. After two attempts, Athletico, even at a slow pace, went better and only didn’t finish the first stage with a more elastic score due to new good interventions by João Paulo.

The second half started the same as the first, with Athletico pressing. The team from Paraná was hovering around the Peixe area, but this time they couldn’t finish. Peixe also took a risk in the attack, but without demanding much from goalkeeper Santos.

With little aggressiveness from both teams, a move other than a kick or header could have changed the game’s history. Forward Renato Kayser, in the Athletico area, opened his arms to kill the ball and start playing. Clear penalty, which referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique ordered to continue and the VAR ignored it. The Peixe players protested a lot, but they could do nothing but lament the grotesque error of the refereeing team.

After the move, the game continued to be tepid until the end. Athletico even scored a goal in a counterattack with Vinicius Mingotti, in the 38th minute, but the goal was invalidated due to offside. Adjusted bid, very difficult, the VAR did not release the image until the final whistle of the match.


Date and time: August 25, 2021, at 7:00 pm (Brasilia time)
Local: Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR)
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (RJ)
assistants: Eduardo Goncalves da Cruz (MS) and Márcia Bezerra Lopes Caetano (RO)
video arbiter: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (RJ)

yellow cards: Richard (ATH), Wagner Leonardo (SAN)
goals: Renato Kayser (1 x 0), at 16 minutes of the first half;

ATHLETICO-PR: Saints; Marcinho, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Abner; Christian (Canesin), Richard (Erick), Terans (Vinicius Mingotti), Nikão and Jader (Léo Cittadini); Renato Kayser (Pedro Rocha). Technician: António Oliveira

SAINTS: John Paul; Madson, Luiz Felipe (Robson), Wagner Leonardo and Felipe Jonatan; Jean Mota (Raniel), Carlos Sánchez (Ângelo), Gabriel Pirani (Ivonei) and Marcos Guilherme; Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo. Technician: Fernando Diniz